Written by D.J. Melena on April 19th 2019
Digital marketing is not about good-looking social media posts or viral videos. It's about creating a measurable system for creating results that translate into more customers, clients, or students. Learn how to create and implement a result-oriented digital strategy in this article.
Written by D.J. Melena on March 3rd 2019
With so many options available to you as a business owner -- Google, Facebook, Influencers, SEO -- it can feel overwhelming to decide which platform, offer, strategy, or funnel you should be focusing on at any given time. 
This article breaks down simple, effective Facebook strategies you can implement without getting overwhelmed.
Written by D.J. Melena on November 7th 2018
The biggest problem I see with most local and online businesses that try to run ads is poor measurement and 'blind spending'. 
In this article I break down why so many small business owners have given up on paid advertising and how they can run ads that get results and generate a return.